I usually do my pole dancing routines by myself but somehow there was some change in last night’s program and I ended up dancing with one of my stripper friends.  We wanted to give the guys one hell of a show and I know that the only thing they want more than watching naked girls dancing, is watching naked girls making out on the stage.  So me and my stripper friend quickly got into some hot lesbian action.  I took off her top and she took off mine and we started kissing and fondling each others tits!  The crowd was cheering us on, so I pulled down her panties told her to lie down on the stage and started eating out her pussy.  I could feel her getting wet and it made me horny as well.  It was her turn to lick me, and she did a pretty fucking good job too.  What we were doing was better than any of the pole dancing routines I usually do and most of the other strippers were watching us in awe.  I was moaning and wiggling wildly on stage and had an orgasm before our routine ended.  It was a wild routine that I loved so much that after the show, I took my stripper friend home and had more wild lesbian sex!