3’s a company

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Kayleigh and Myra were fucking each other hardcore all evening as the luminaries and well-to-do business men dropped in and tossed some nice handsome dollar bills on them as Myra absolutely Dominated the shit out of Kayleigh, blasting her in the ass with the dildo and then having one of the horny old dudes tongue her asshole while she pulverized Kayleigh’s pussy. She was fucking her so hard, sweat rolled down her back and over her tattoos you could see she was drenched in sweat from fucking her model-slender counterpart so hard.

Finally, the stripper who spent much of the night getting fucked silly returned with a fury. She bent over Myra and Kayleigh started blasting her cunt from behind while grabbing her by the neck and slapping her butt cheek early and often. She then started going into her ass with the dildo and invited some of the VIP guests to lick it.

Before you know it, both of the guests had whipped their cocks out (much out of necessity) while both girls treated them to cfnm handjobs while fucking each other back and forth. It was quite the sexual display and it came to a sticky conclusion when Myra pulled out her ass to the sky and let both of the old rich dweebs drench her butt in warm cum.

Ass Fucking 4 All!

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Cherrie Rose latin ass fuck

Cherrie was one of those exotic dancers you meet, the mixture of Spanish, Lebanese and French blood – the natural tan, the latin hips, the snobby accent – a girl who knew how to flaunt her ass and tease her customers with a foot job so that technically she’s not being sexually and yet she is.  That night on stage, I was sticking a wet thumb in her ass – which was making her crazy – as my strap pounded and pulverized her pretty pussy.  Juices flowing, I could tell she wanted to flip to missionary so I can assault her ass with this strap, and she could finger herself to orgasm.   I was about to blast her butt when Gabriel – our club owner – came in with some of his friends.

Gabriel tends to be discriminating in his tastes – he doesn’t like expensive things, he likes costly things – the difference being, he explains, that costly things are high-priced but worth it (like an investment or valuable) but expensive things are just trash that costs too much.  The result is that he is always hanging out with high-end, high-profile people who dress well, negotiate well, get paid even better, and otherwise help ensure the club has a high end feel to it.  This always brings money – and we love money.

The guys sit, make themselves comfortable as I’m fucking Cherrie’s slit, when Rose comes along with her own toy and that’s when we split Cherries cunt and cock-hungry ass.  We begin double-drilling her holes, just Cherrie Rose and me, fucking and keeping these guys entertained until our little French maiden with the delicious booty gets up and squirts all over the floor, getting a huge response from the gentlemen.

We head backstage, letting the next girl go do her show, when Gabe comes through and says his friends want to meet the three of us – and a few minutes later, we’re all in a private room, stripping the guys down, tying them up and giving them cfnm blowjobs.  We stand on their laps – high-heels in their thighs – making them eat our pussies.  We squat on their dicks, cfnm sex.  We fucked these guys until they couldn’t nut anymore, which is a lot, considering that we all have this trick where we massage the balls to keep them going and ready to cum some more.  I trust we earned ourselves long-term clients.

Power Player

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Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Assparade

I’ve been reassigned as a waitress because of my behavior at work, people arguing I was being unprofessional – but what the fuck? YEah, I act like a horndog sometimes – like when I sneaked in on Diana (while she was with a client) and began pegging her wet cunt with a strap-on dildo. But you know, that client enjoyed the show – so I figure I only do good for business when I act out a little! Serving food is boring – if I wanted to do that, I’d be a housewife, power-fucking some guy all steady.

So there’s this fella who keeps playing with his dick while Luscious is dancing, so I slip over to get his ‘order’ and then whisper that I might have a cure for him. I bring over Joan and the three of us go to a private room close to the dressing rooms, and I give Luscious the signal. While Joan and I keep him busy, Luscious finishes her routine and then sneaks over – “looks like that dick couldn’t fit” she says, as his cock is out and exposed – and she wastes no time giving him a cfnm handjob. She’s double-stroking while Joan makes out with him and I start playing with Luscious’ cunt, and soon it evolves into a cfnm blowjob.

The cfnm brainjob goes for a bit, because although the guy wants to cum fast, you can tell he doesn’t want to make a “bad impression” somehow (as if anyone really cared – its our job) but I decide to spice things up with a couple vibes I had hidden aside. Suddenly both girls are moaning and groaning, while sucking his dick, and the sight and sound is too much for him so eventually we get a nice fat nut out of him as he showered her in spunk.

Another night at the job.

Extra Cash

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So the other night I left the guys all hot and horny, real worked up.  Normally I let them get frisky, sneak a grope and even a quickie in the private booths, but this was something else.  I was actively looking for business, we all need to do the pole dance routines but whatever we do afterward is up to us – and I wanted a serious sex session in the private booths, I needed to get a big spender with an aching for the quaking that only a professional could deliver.  So I needed to put on quite a show!

I went on stage and started masturbating with this dildo, really getting the guys going, nothing works them up like seeing girls pleasuring themselves.  I did some dancing and strip tease, but what really got them going was when I’d kneel near the edge of the stage and masturbate right in front of their faces, letting them catch a POV view of what it’d be like to see me on them.  Its obvious I have a few takers but the “no-touching” rule is technically still in play until after the show.  Still, I was playing with myself so hard my cunt was turning rosy and with my juices flowing, they could smell the sex.

When I’m off stage a good number of guys want to take me away to the private booth  and I explained I’d be happy to take them but I can’t handle them all together!  Still, some of them were daring and others wanted to pay extra for privacy, so I took care of the big spenders first along with the ones looking for the group-action. I went home laden with cash!

Old School Cock

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So I think a friend or something of my little brother knows about what I do for a living, some kid from middle school who used to come over all the time.  He knows I collect a fact sum of cash he night to entertain the fellas and if they’re cute enough, I’ll let them please my wet cunt.   I got this call the other night from an address I remember dropping my brother off, and I’m pretty sure they never moved so its the same guy – he answers the door in his boxes, excited to see me, and by the missing cars in the front I can guess that his folks are probably out for the weekend or something.

His first move – intelligently enough – is to flash the cash.  My first move is to pull his dick out and stroke it, a cfnm handjob in just a few moments,  and even though he’s about to talk and I can already tell he wonders if I’m that girl he knew, I put a finger to his lips and begin kissing his neck as I maneuver to his side, the better to give a handjob from his perspective as if he were beating his dick.  I grab one of his free hands and show him how to play with my pussy, so when I’m good and wet I just roll on to the couch, legs up and invite him in.

“Oh yeah, fuck like that!” I’m purring as the cfnm sex scene continues, this young naked guy doing his best to pleasure my pussy, pumping it with his penis, but I’m wrapping my legs around him and caressing his back and even though he’s on top, he’s very well withing my control like a spider holding prey.  I guess curiosity got the better of him during the cfnm action, and he asks “do you remember me?” to which I retort “there’s the past and the present – are you some boy I wouldn’t fuck in the past, or are you a man splitting my pretty pink pussy in the present?” to which he looks dumbfounded for a second before grinning and shutting up like a good boy.  I slap his face a few times, it unnerves him, but it’s also just enough to agitate him into getting a little more aggressive and soon he’s fucking like a piston on a train and when he’s ready to blow I push him back and choke him, stroking his cock with my other hand, doing a sudden twist-ending oxygen deprivation to intensify his orgasm as he sees a bad bitch milking his cock.  He plays along with it – and cums - but I actually choke him out until he passes out, and then make my escape with my fee, leaving him cum-covered and satisfied on the couch.

Cfnm Footjobs?!

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I’ve had odd clients, but last Saturday had to be one of the weirdest – I mean, I’ve had a lot of sex, but I guess it wouldn’t be considered too fetishy or kinky, you know? Well this guy came to the club and I could tell he was looking for something very specific, the kind of guy who isn’t easily distracted by boobs or ass – with each routine, he eyed us up and down, even the kinds of shoes or hells (if any) that we used. I was about to start another set when our manager lets me know that I’m wanted in a private booth – same guy – and so I asked him what he was looking for.

He didn’t reply – he just took out cash and told me to dance – and since money was involved, alright, I started dancing and was about to begin taking my clothing off to get him horny but… he just grabbed me and sat me on the couch. Didn’t want me naked. He just started licking and stroking my legs, took a foot and I guess gave me a toejob? The desire in his face made me horny, but it was a first for me. I stroked his cock then as he obsessed on my toes.

It was a new experience, and turning me on bad and that’s when he finally explained that he had a foot fetish - which was why he was looking at us carefully – trying to see who had the best pair of feet. I was about to blow him or maybe ride his cock, but he wanted a footjob instead (another first!) and hell, if he’s paying then I ain’t complaining! I learned to tug his cock with my feet, and the look on his face – as I was clumsy at first and learned – reminded me of the look on a guys face whenever they fuck a virgin or when they think they’re teaching a girl a new sex act. It was fun. I think I did it right for my first cfnm footjob because after a bit, based on his expression, I think he loved it! I didn’t need to get naked or anything, he did that instead and I just stroked his cock with my feet until he unleashed a load on my toes. Mission accomplished!

Strip Video

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Hey folks! This week I decided to try something new – instead of writing about it, why not show it? :D A free piece of a video clip starring a lovely stripper for all you pervs out there! Free clips! =) Enjoy all.

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Big Tip

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bbw5753618Another hot night and I’m working with Helen, slipiing my tongue in her twat, having her shriek and the crowd is really enjoying it.  One of the girls is going about and pouring oil for us, and I’m tonguing Helen’s ass and pussy back and forth when our show gets interrupted.

Some older guy, probably foreign, takes out his odd looking dick and is jerking it and in his broken English manages to say “its ok, just big tip!” and to be honest he’s kind of cute if a little overeager.  We assume he’s going to drop a nice tip, so we use him as our ’stud’ for a cfnm blowjob – although I eventually realized they might call him big tip because of the weird shape of his dick.  The tip looked like a mushroom top, a little out of proportion, although I could tell Helen was curious about what it might feel like.

Sure enough, a couple minutes into it and he’s piping it into Helen’s twat, and she’s going crazy riding him while I like her ass and his balls.  They’re talking slutty to each other, real dirty, and when she seems to agree to something he pops his dick out and lets her sit – right for the asshole.

“Fuck her ass!” the crowd yells, and I jerk him and hold him steady so Helen can guide her pink little ass on to his waiting mushroom – wow, I wonder how that felt.  I give it a few licks, the kneel next to him and start making out with her while fingering myself, and letting him get to work.

Customer Turns Dancer

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big4 It’s the holidays, which means that everyone is out seeing their families or taking vacations instead of patronizing the club, and we haven’t had many guys asking for sex – but then out of nowhere, we see a couple and whatever their story is, I’m guessing that she’s bringing him here as a gift to show she’s not a prude, but it’s not working too well.  So we got girls dancing, and we have a few guys around, but this new couple catches my attention because even though she’s trying to be cool about it you can tell by her face that she’s only getting shocked and jealous that her man is looking at these girls at all.

The show they walked into isn’t even finished but he’s already letting a couple comments slip out that would be fine any other night, but god, this guy wasn’t thinking considering his girl is next to him.  I think a fight is going to break out – but instead he challenges her to do like we do, and next thing you know the good girl is up on a pool trying to dance for him.  I asked her if she’d ever stripped before, and she admitted she didn’t, so I got on the opposite pool and told her to mirror my actions.

We took to the stage where her guy was cheering for her, and as I got naked she gradually let things slip, me handling the crowd while she gave her guy a private show.  Everyone is cheering to see a rookie trying it, finally a girl who treats her man to what he wants (which is why all these other guys are here, lonely homes or frigid wives).  One of the guys in the crowd wanted to fuck, and thats when I got inspired – I agreed as long as he sat next to the other guy, and once I had the cash I gestured the new girl to her next step in training.

Butt naked while she’s in her underwear, I started sucking this guys cock and motioning her to do the same (because if she doesn’t, her guys is just going to be staring at me) and both guys stand as stiff as their cocks.  I then grab my guy and have him lay on stage, motioning the same for them, and began fucking him cowgirl and at first she’s embarrassed but I explain “this is how you claim your man” and the idea must have smoldered in her head because she just got up and rode him.  The guys began to mirror each other too, fondling our tits and nipples and when they were about to cum I snapped my fingers to remind her to get off, and we sucked on their nuts while jerking them off until they came in a spray that made a mini mess on our stage.

It’s fun teaching good girls to go bad.

Fucking Clean

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big6So last night we got a cute blonde girl, hard up for cash and hence she turned to dancing – Thalia is her name, you wouldn’t guess she was Hispanic until she spoke.  She loved to dance and was already in good shape, but she was nervous about a thousand things – you always are your first time – but once you get pass the first one, everything else flows on its own.

So when she shows up to work, she’s freaking out, she just got out of her other job and didn’t have time to prepare but I calmed her down and took her to the back.  Our manager was bright enough to get a little spa for the ladies – clean and pretty meant more cash incoming – so already nearly naked myself, I helped her to the tub and got what she’d need to fix up.

She’s still a little nervous so – the pervert I am – I approached and planted a big wet kiss on her.  She was shocked, but already exposed and with my tongue playing with hers, she went with it as I began fingering her pussy, both of us literally fucking clean.  She lifted her hips as if she wanted to back away, but I just kept my finger in her and then started snacking on her warm pussy and knew she was in the mood.  I made sure every inch on her was clean and fresh and pretty, fixed her hair and got her out there.

She was a little taken aback, but I told her I’d dance with her to make her comfortable, and she did her routine while I served as back-up and as she’s dancing I’m stealing kisses from her in front of everyone, until we both quit tangling ourselves on the pole and instead tangle ourselves on each other.  I start licking her down, as her hair was spread out and she looked up to a group of customers smiling.

We can hear the crowd cheering loudly and going wild, but I was too occupied eating her out to mind.  Even though it wasn’t scheduled, we gave the crowd a little hot lesbian action, and our manager is only too happy to see the money rain as two naked girls go at one another.  It was a fun lesbian experience for me but even better for her, since on her first night she had her first lesbian show.  I’m sure she’ll be more comfortable on stage – and I look forward to performing with her as well.